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Elect Mike Hamper for Ashtabula County Commissioner

Meet Mike!

A proud native of Ashtabula County, Mike Hamper III is a partner and owner of Lemire & Hamper LLC in Jefferson, Ohio.

After completing his Bachelor’s in Political Science from Ohio Northern University, Mike went to law school at Ohio Northern. After graduation, Mike returned home to do what he had always set out to do: make a difference at home so his community has a brighter future.

Mike started making a difference as an Associate Attorney with Jerome A. Lemire, Attorney at Law and got to know the County in a way that few people get to experience. In the past three years, Mike has taken on greater responsibility as a partner and significantly grown the practice to include probate and estate planning services, and handles many of the daily operations.

Mike continued his goal of making a difference when he became Solicitor of the Village of Jefferson in August of 2016. Through this position, Mike prosecutes traffic violations, income tax violations, and minor crimes that occur within the Village at Eastern County Court. Mike also works with the Mayor, Administrator, Clerk-Treasurer, and Council to answer any questions they have regarding Village business and draft necessary legal documents, including ordinances, to conduct Village business.

Mike is a 2017 graduate of LEADERship Ashtabula County’s Signature Program, which is aimed at connecting residents and employees in Ashtabula County to the many issues, opportunities, resources, and assets that exist within the County. Through fostering these connections, LEADERship aims to encourage graduates to serve, expand, engage, and fulfill needs within their communities on a local, county, and regional level. Mike currently serves on the LEADERship Ashtabula County Board of Trustees. Mike is also a Board Member in the Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce and serves as Legal Counsel for the Ashtabula County Young Democrats.

In addition to being partner at  Jerome A. Lemire, Attorney at Law, part-time position as Solicitor for the Village of Jefferson, and his various volunteering roles with local nonprofits, Mike believes in the importance of family and spending time with his wife, Carmen, and their two dogs, Caspian and Maisy, as well as his many family members who have also made Ashtabula County their home.


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