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Elect Mike Hamper for Ashtabula County Commissioner

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Proud to endorse Mike Hamper III for Ashtabula County Commissioner

In the time that I’ve known Mike, we’ve talked a lot about what this County needs to be safer and more successful. Every conversation we have touches on this development in some way. He’s brought ideas for new business to the attention of area leaders and has the education and experience to help put those ideas into action. But Mike understands that commercial business is only one aspect of our great county’s diverse economic makeup.

Mike and his family have a generational heritage in Ashtabula County’s farming history and I know that Mike can lend this experience to create and strengthen north and south county agricultural market ties through his thought leadership and diligent action on our behalf.

Mike understands the gaps that need to be filled in our area’s educational and labor systems and is already mobilizing his personal contacts to pursue efforts at technology training and skilled trades education.

I’m proud to endorse Mike Hamper III for Ashtabula County Commissioner and look forward to the future he’ll help us to craft for ourselves.
-John Johnson, President, Ashtabula County Young Democrats

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